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About ISO 44001

ISO 44001 for collaborative business relationship management is an ISO standard which provides a tried and tested framework to apply to collaborative business relationships to ensure all parties achieve their goal, and for the shared goal to be achieved.

This standard (framework) can be applied internally by an organisation wishing to work better together in a more collaborative way to achieve its shared goal or vision.  Examples of this would be an organisation with multiple national or international locations, or a large organisation with multiple internal silos. 

ISO 44001 for collaborative business relationship management can also be applied to multiple organisations wishing to work together to achieve a shared objective – including Private, Public or Third Sector organisations.

The benefits of ISO 44001

Implementation of this the ISO 44001 standard for collaborative business relationship management will benefit you in numerous ways:

  • Transformational in the way you assess your organisations capability to collaborate
  • A toolbox of methods of partner selection, self-assessment, and risk assessment
  • Increased awareness of your own values and behaviours as an organisation and the strengthening of internal culture based on those
  • Better supply chain relationships based on firm foundations each connection evolving with time
  • Shared competencies and an increased skills base through close collaboration
  • More effective working with partners to encourage innovation, new ideas and better problem solving
  • Reduced risks of delays, gaps, overlaps and over-runs
  • Reassurance and confidence from original tender to final delivery as collaborators demonstrate better resilience, sustainability, and security.
ISO 44001

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources will I need to supply?
Top management of your organisation will need to demonstrate leadership, accountability, and commitment to the implementation of this system by:

• Ensuring the objectives are established and compatible with the strategic direction of your organisation
• Integrate the system requirements into your business processes
• Ensure resources are available and have the necessary skills and competence for collaboration
• Promote continual improvement
• Work with us to help you achieve your goals

Do I have to complete the certification?
Certification is the end goal for many organisations, but it doesn’t have to be. If to conform to the Standard is your end goal, we will help you achieve that. At that stage we can either help you maintain that through an annual schedule of audits to the Standard or continue to certification. However, there is no obligation to take that step unless you wish to.
What return will I see how my investment?
• A win – win scenario in all collaborative business relationships
• Improved internal culture based on the values and behaviours embedded in the standard
• A greater sense of awareness of how the business world perceives your organisation regarding partner attractiveness
• Increased capability on bidding platforms as ISO 44001 becomes requested more and more alongside 9001, 14001 and 45001 as a demonstration of assurance to work in this way.
• Opportunities for collaborative working leading to increased sales and income
• Greater staff retention due to an involved and engaged workforce
How can the ISO Specialists help?
We will support you through this process as a guide and mentor from the initial identification of your activities and impacts to helping you measure the significance of these impacts and set objectives to work towards reducing them. Engaging in this way will lead you to a positive voyage of discovery and learning, leading to benefits for both the organisation and your business relationships.
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Collaborative working

Collaborative working has never been more relevant than it is in today’s challenging business environment. Businesses need to enhance their capabilities by collaborating with others and ISO 44001 is a management tool designed to help organisations reap benefits of both internal and external collaborative relationships. I am keen to share my first-hand experience of implementing this standard from the top down. I am passionate about helping others grow and develop through the sharing of knowledge, and I want to help businesses realise the best returns on their investments in their systems, and in this case it’s about ‘win’ ‘win’ – you ‘win’ and your partners ‘win’ too.
Angie Watson
Managing Director and Lead Auditor
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Need an ISO consultant?

We’ll work with you to create a bespoke plan that fits your organisation and helps you achieve your business goals.